Lead-management- and sales solution with integrated B2B database

The View2Market sales solution was developed for companies that want to be informed about their ICT infrastructure before approaching their customers. The new ENTERPRISE version of View2Market contains some interesting tools for your lead management. This makes it easy to generate new leads, identify and qualify existing leads. Or you can use lead nurturing to further develop the tool to the appropriate level of maturity.  

Whether your marketing plans new campaigns for lead generation or whether you want to directly supply your sales team with new potential, View2Market makes it possible - with the integrated company database you have access to 55,000 company profiles. After uploading and identifying your own CRM or customer base, you can set alerts about changes in your existing database or freshly analyzed potential.  

Most companies have already gained experience with lead generation through digital marketing. But what do you know about the leads gained in this way? We help you with the lead refinement: with the LeadBox module, we identify your leads, show you the complete company profile, take over your lead activities and set a scoring value. An alert informs you when the lead is ready for further activities. And with Call-By-Click we immediately take over the lead call - on your behalf.  

Do you know your customers well enough or do you need new potential? DataMatching gives you a better view of both. By linking your data with View2Market, you can also create whitespace analyses according to your own criteria. You will find out which markets you have well under control and where hidden potential still lies dormant. 

Here is a link to a screenshot of the Whitespace analysis [LINK]

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With its integrated tools, View2Market ENTERPRISE becomes the perfect solution for marketing and sales

View2Market mit der integrierten Firmendatenbank zur Neukundengewinnung


With View2Market ENTERPRISE, sales and marketing teams have easy and direct access to valuable information on contacts and the ICT infrastructure used by German companies.  

This includes information from the entire ama company database with 55,000 companies. Further detailed information on ICT systems used by relevant companies (including their group structures) is already activated. 230,000 contacts, many of them are also involved in IT decisions at their company, are also part of the ENTERPRISE version. The name "ALL-IN-ONE" is very revealing: everything presented here is included. Including the execution of 300 lead calls from Call-By-Click. 

The optimal tool for lead generation and new customer acquisition by cold calling in the B2B environment. Or it can be used for the identification and refinement of leads generated by content marketing. View2Market forms the perfect combination of database marketing and digital marketing. By identifying and uploading your own CRM or customer base, you can generate whitespace analysis and find new potential in important segments.  

Find here an example of a company profile [LINK]

Die Leadbox, Bestandteil von View2Market, für ein Customer-Scoring


With LeadBox, the leads generated by inbound marketing, i.e. digital marketing, content marketing, events, etc., are collected. And this is where the lead refinement takes place. In addition to recording all lead activities, sophisticated scoring methods show the respective lead status.  

With just a few clicks, a profile of the most important target group is created. Points are awarded for the importance of the industry, the number of employees, the number of PCs and the contact role. A factor for the scoring evaluation is calculated from this explicit data.  

At the push of a button, all 55,000 locations in the company database receive a scoring value corresponding to the model. This means that it is possible to see immediately for each individual company profile how it fits into the customer scheme. Of course, selections according to the scoring values are also possible.  

Durch Call-by-Click wird die Neukundengewinnung einfach.


A lead qualify call is generated for every interesting company with one click. We carry out this outbound call on behalf of the customer within a very short time. After completion, the fixed amount for this call is simply debited to the View2Market budget account. Details and call notes are assigned to the respective company profile. Detailed and provided with a status. Lead generation can be that simple. 

An alert immediately informs about the completed call and the expected action. If a follow-up call should become necessary, a resubmission is created. On request, we can also take over the follow-up or lead-nurturing including the dispatch of information material and appointment confirmations. 

Whether there will be 2 calls per month or 20 calls per day or whether a nurturing call will be booked - this can be decided individually and spontaneously. This is telemarketing in a new dimension.  

View2Market ermöglicht nun das DataMatching, als Vorstufe von Whitespace-Analysen


No matter which ICT target groups are sought, View2Market offers the best hit rate. A comparison of the View2Market data with your own CRM inventory offers many advantages. If you are looking for new, fresh potential or if you want to enrich your data with your existing CRM inventory or if you simply want to analyze your own inventory according to ICT selection criteria: ama's DataMatching makes it all possible.  

With just one click, a specific target group or the entire portfolio of 55,000 companies can be downloaded in the matching profile. Now nothing stands in the way of matching. By uploading the results into View2Market, the hits are immediately assigned to the customer base and receive the customer's reference IDs. 

You can now choose for each selection: display only the companies from your own database, only those from the ama database or all of them.  

Bisher unbekanntes Potential in den wichtigen Märkten identifizieren geht am besten mit einer Whitespace-Analyse


After the customer data has been assigned using DataMatching, View2Market offers the option of performing whitespace analyses. In the ama database, any selection can be carried out in whitespace mode according to all ICT criteria. 

This allows you to see at a glance in which segments there is good market coverage and where their own CRM is still undersupplied. 

The fresh potential in the individual, important segments can be viewed with one click and is also available for download. Then nothing stands in the way of further intensive processing and lead generation.  

The appropriate company profiles can be downloaded immediately in order to use them to acquire new customers. 

This is how a whitespace analysis looks like [LINK]

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